Who We Are

What We Do

Empower Africa exists to promote the love of Jesus Christ by assisting in the building of community care points and by looking after orphans and widows in their distress,
primarily in Eastern and Southern Africa.

We currently do this by:


Cultivating friendships and entrepreneurial partnerships through long-term community members and short-term volunteer efforts.

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Caring for and educating hundreds of orphaned children through Ushindi Ministries.

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Constructing Christian church buildings as cultural and spiritual centers through Kingdom Builders.

Ushindi Ministries

These little girls from Swaziland need new school uniforms to get an education and stay out of poverty.
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Changing Culture Through Community

Ushindi Life Ministries provides life-saving support to families in the town of Kambiri, Kenya. Since 2002, they've been rescuing hundreds of orphaned children and giving them shelter, food, education, medical attention, and a hope for the future. But, Ushindi's help reaches beyond the walls of the orphanage. They also assist widows with their necessary living expenses, provide in-depth training for local pastors, equip women with the skills needed to lead empowered lives, and foster local entrepreneurs through small business classes.

Kingdom Builders

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Building Churches, Building Lives.

Local church bodies are one of the most effective care points within the communities of Swaziland. These established organizations are motivated by Jesus Christ's love to care for their widows and orphans. Kingdom Builders empowers these churches to become physically planted in the region, and more effectively aid and accelerate the health of the area.

Kingdom Builders also empowers the region economically by employing locals to manage and construct the extensive building projects. Kingdom Builders is a non-profit organization that functions sovereignly in Swaziland; all finances are knit into the African economic fabric.